Our Mission

When NEO first began it was simply a group of friends coming together with a passion and desire to createcontent. All of us with different ambitions and goals but a mutual interest in creating real content that reflected the average persons life. Through trial and error we navigated through the content creator a media industry. We were consistent with meeting up regularly, finding empty classrooms at the college or someone's house to record whatever we could. We've also learned the value of networking and making connections over the year. We've found a home with Radio Regent and have had the pleasure of having various guests from artists, dancers, small film creators and many more.

We have officially branded ourselves NEO -Never Ever Oppress. Our latest logo features a crescent which represents new beginnings and turning dreams into reality. The water represents life changes, purification and forgiveness. We have created a platform where we support those pursuing their dreams giving them an opportunity to showcase what they do and allowing them to share their most authentic selves with our viewers. We are a safe space for unpopular opinions. We are always learning and seeking new perspectives on current events, life and entertainment. NEO Unfiltered is just the beginning.