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About Never Ever Oppress (NEO)

Welcome to Never Ever Oppress (NEO), where our commitment to justice and equality is embodied in every aspect of our brand. Established in 2022, NEO is not just a brand but a movement towards a world where justice prevails and dreams are turned into reality.

Our Mission:

At NEO, our mission is to challenge oppression in all its forms, and our symbol, the crescent in our logo, represents new beginnings and the transformative power of turning dreams into reality. We believe in life changes, purification, and forgiveness, symbolized by the water element in our logo.

What Sets Us Apart:

NEO goes beyond the conventional. Our logo reflects our commitment to supporting individuals pursuing their dreams. We've created a platform that not only showcases their talents but also allows them to share their most authentic selves with our viewers. We are not just a brand; we are a safe space for unpopular opinions and a catalyst for positive change.

Connect With Us:

Join the NEO community on Instagram, Twitter/X where we share inspiring stories, showcase unique talents, and create a space for open dialogue on unpopular opinions. For inquiries, partnerships, or to share your story, contact us at malique@sympatico.ca.

Join Us on Our Journey:

NEO is more than a brand; it's a movement of empowerment and positive change. Join us on our journey towards a world where dreams are realized, and authenticity reigns.



The Founder: Malique Williams

Founder of Never Ever Oppress (NEO): As the founder of Never Ever Oppress (NEO), Malique Williams has translated his passion for justice, equality, and positive change into a brand that goes beyond traditional boundaries. NEO is not just a brand; it's a movement that embraces authenticity, supports dreamers, and provides a platform for diverse voices.

Malique's multifaceted journey reflects his commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a meaningful impact in the realms of music and beyond.

Education and Passion for Music: Malique Williams is a driven individual and a graduate of the Music Business Administration program at Durham College. His educational background serves as a solid foundation for his unwavering passion for the music industry.

Vision for the Music Industry: With a profound love for music, Malique aspires to make a breakthrough in the industry, not only as an artist but also as an executive with his own record label. His vision extends beyond personal success, aiming to contribute positively to the industry's growth and development.

Debut EP and Artistic Achievements: A testament to his dedication, Malique has successfully dropped his debut EP titled "Practice Makes Perfect." This project not only showcases his musical prowess but also highlights his commitment to refining his craft.

Collaboration with Raptors and Noteworthy Interviews: Malique's journey extends beyond music production. He had the unique opportunity to collaborate with the Raptors during their championship run, demonstrating his versatility and ability to merge sports and entertainment seamlessly.

In his role as a content creator, Malique has conducted insightful interviews, including one with Sonstar, the father of Tory Lanez, along with various artists and entertainers across the city. These experiences have enriched his understanding of the industry and strengthened his connections within the entertainment community.